Updated: Apr 9, 2021

In the world today as we've heard for decades that there's a famine in the land. Moreover, they're actually two types. One deals with food shortages, physical and the other deals with hearing the words of the LORD which is spiritual. Both F.A.M.I.N.E.s are slowly taking place as it is this day and it will only get worse. Sadly, my people don't want to hear the truth of God even in these exciting times. Why though? You might ponder. It's simple. Sin feels good. Whereas, sinful brothers and sisters are hard to be reproved but findeth an excuse to do whatever they want. As they say:

If they should listen to anything, they would rather find false teachers to twist, add, and take away from Scripture to justify sin. Preachers want to make everyone happy so they don’t preach the true Word of God. Complete madness!

All hell is about to break loose! The world economy is on its heels, on the verge of collapse and we're on the brink of a global F.A.M.I.N.E. Know ye not that grace is a time period for you to get right with the LORD? Howbeit, the word of the Lord has free course and this will not be always so. Yet, brothers and sisters live as if they don’t have God's laws to obey. The American Dream has been hell! Through spiritual observations it's absolutely clear that Satan is herald in this kingdom, America. Brothers and sisters these are prophetic times, the F.A.M.I.N.E. is not only real it is here. Don't pine away in your iniquities Israel. For lo, Failure to Administer the laws against Malnourishment will result in Inadequate Necessities which brings Emptiness

What are the causes of F.A.M.I.N.E.?

There is not a single root cause that explains a F.A.M.I.N.E. such as this. However, we can conclude that it's a part of prophesy as a sign of the Lord's return. Moreover, the Prophet Amos wrote the causes as the Lord told him plainly in verses 4 and 5 in Amos the 8th chapter. Prophetically speaking, this was ordained by the Lord himself. This is his will. In these last days, what is sure is that Israel nor the other nations have the power to prevent and end this F.A.M.I.N.E. Notwithstanding, it goes even deeper than that. I tell you, the Lord's intellect is no joke. The hidden things he puts in the Scripture that describes the characteristics, attributes and nature of this man is pure genius. So let's read this formidable precept. Check this out, as it is written and it reads:

Job 15:21

21 A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him.

Is this talking about someone who hit it big at the slots in Vegas? NO! Although that can be a dreadful sound to someone who fed a slot machine for hours, leaves, now here comes Gertrude. One coin in, Jackpot! But, that's not it.

So whose ears is the Lord prophesying about? This is Esau. What's that dreadful sound he's hearing? THE WORD OF GOD being prophesied! Come on now, think about it. This is why the Prophets always say "Thus saith the Lord" because there's power in it. When God's words are spoken...

Without a shadow of a doubt that demon is burning up inside, because the word of God is like unto fire! It's even sharper than any two-egded sword. Amongst many, when read these precepts are destructive to Esau's soul. That's why they have to try and stop this truth by way of censorship on social media platforms and demonize the teachings that's being poured out to cleanse the minds of our people. They DON'T want that. Surely it's a sign for the end of their wicked kingdom, their rulership and dominion. This is their time and their prosperity which will be brought to desolation when the Lord returns.


Futility, fruitless (unprofitable)

Failure to apply the laws of God will be detrimental in regards to your salvation. In these last days, seeds of righteousness are thrown every which way upon the children of Israel. I sincerely hope thou art that good ground to receive it. Nevertheless, that's entirely up to the Heavenly Father for some will hear and obey which is a beautiful thing. Some will hear and obey for a time while others will hear it and cast it behind them. Is this not written in the book of Mark the 4th chapter? A highly recommended read. Failure to take such action brothers and sisters is a damnable thing to do. For the Lord have chosen you for a good reason that you may bring forth fruit. Therefore, you would be doing yourself a disservice failing to do what's required of you. Your salvation hinges on your application of God's laws with the faith of Christ. If you exercise the inability to hearken, adapt or repent, the root cause of that is rebellion. You don't want to keep God's laws, therefore; you'll become fruitless, unprofitable, having no wisdom, no knowledge and no understanding. You're a dead man walking.

Wisdom of Solomon 3:11

11 For whoso despiseth wisdom and nurture, he is miserable, and their hope is vain, their labours unfruitful, and their works unprofitable:

Whosoever, meaning anyone from the nation of Israel who despises or hates the laws of God which is purposed as a spiritual incubator for the nourishment and development of ourselves. GOD, says they're miserable, have no hope, their labours and works are meaningless, pointless and are of no value.

Wisdom of Solomon 4:3-5

3 But the multiplying brood of the ungodly shall not thrive, nor take deep rooting from bastard slips, nor lay any fast foundation.

4 For though they flourish in branches for a time; yet standing not last, they shall be shaken with the wind, and through the force of winds they shall be rooted out.

5 The imperfect branches shall be broken off, their fruit unprofitable, not ripe to eat, yea, meet for nothing.

Wow, the Most High is not playing. Anyone even their offsprings not brought up in the laws, statutes and commandments shall be shaken or removed from the truth with the wind of doctrines. Backsliding into the condemnation of this present world, having no wisdom, no understanding just good for nothing and useless.

Wisdom of Solomon 16:29

29 For the hope of the unthankful shall melt away as the winter's hoar frost, and shall run away as unprofitable water.

When snow melts in the sun, is the muddy, dirty water thereof retained in a catchment system to use later? NO! It melts and runs away because its nasty, dirty and useless. Therefore, so is the hope of the unthankful, ungrateful and unappreciative Israelites that fail to express any kind of gratitude towards our Lord and Saviour who's our HOPE.

2 Esdras 15:13

13 They that till the ground shall mourn: for their seeds shall fail through the blasting and hail, and with a fearful constellation.

In that day, if you're a farmer or someone who plants certain vegetation in your yard; you will express grief and sorrow. For the seeds of your plantings shall not grow. Why? When the hails hit the ground violently, it's blasting effects will be so devastating it will destroy every plant life it hits. Altogether seeing fearful sights in the skies.

2 Esdras 15:57-58

57 Thy children shall die of hunger, and thou shalt fall through the sword: thy cities shall be broken down, and all thine shall perish with the sword in the field.

Got kids? GOD said they shall die of hunger and you, who don't want to keep his commandments shall die also by the sword. Your cities: Atlanta, Miami, Manhattan, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Detroit, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles every city Las Vegas aka Sin City shall be broken down and everything that belongs to you shall also perish. Meditate on that.