Fire In The Rain

Updated: Jan 31

Israel no matter the struggles or hardships you're going through you have to ENDURE. When you feel like giving up, DON'T! Fight it! You've got to be strong in this heartless world. You have to be tough my people.


I'm not scared of their harsh talk.

I've got to stay focused in this spiritual walk.

The future of my Lords reign is coming fast.

I can't draw back or worry about my past.

I put all my problems up for sale.

To Christ the King, Salute! Who's right hand cannot fail.

Going forward my works shall have no ceiling.

I thank the LORD for his spiritual healing.

Oh King, keep me hot as fire, keep me ablaze!

I love not the world, nor have time to gaze.

Daily I put off the old man and begat new ways.

I've got to get it right, for he has given me but a few days.

Man planted the seed now a tree has grown.

Bearing fruit, I THANK GOD for the good ground it was sown.

How can I cast away this knowledge and leave you alone?

I can't! Madness, wickedness and folly I no longer condone.

I will not be silent until the last sheep has come home.

Your words shall not return void; as it is written, to the dispersed cell phone.

So I'll walk and talk filled with the spirit having no fear.

Knowing one day the heavens shall pass away by nuclear.

So I don't give a damn about the fancy car you steer.

For some will gain the world and end up in despair.

Do thy will Oh LORD, I will not fuss.

I just pray that you will have mercy upon us.

Thus far you have sustained me no graveyard, nor handcuff.

I'll continue to be faithful towards you no joke or bluff.

Awaiting your return, I'm anxious!

I'm 4 yrs old but, it seems like I've been ready since I was one plus.

Until then I'll keep oil in my lamp.

In these last days that’s going to be a salvation stamp.

I've tasted heavenly meats and there's no looking back.

Oh Israel, what's keeping you from staying on track?

Let nothing! We've been down for too long.

The Power of God has made me strong.

Oh God of heaven and earth please help me to sustain.

Extinguish me not, but help me to burn like fire in the rain.

Thine enemies shall come in as a flood to gnash upon me with their wicked tongue.

But they all shall perish like their own dung.

Upon the Rock a strong foundation must be built.

A precious corner stone, not sand or silt.

Oh God, I have counted the cost to build my tower.

The cares of this world will not deter me no matter the day, time or the hour.

LORD, I beg thee, use me for good and not evil - for that’s a horrible thing.

Neither appoint the time of my days to be an hireling.

Some have ran out the truth like Usain at record speed!

Surely if any man thinks he standeth he better take heed.

On bended knees, I'll humble myself to be on one accord.

Holding myself diligently in the fear of the LORD.

Remember Lot's wife? She looked back!

But the Lord is my shepherd there's nothing that I should lack.

I know if I endure, my day is going to be great.

Longing to see the destruction of mine enemies, for that I have to wait.

No man can stop the hand of God at work.

Heathens are plotting daily working countless hours like a night clerk.

No matter the devices that they will try.

They see I'm happy, but they want to see me cry.

When the heathen say "run", I don't ask, "how fast?"

For their cunning devices are many, yea they are vast.

Neither when they say "jump", I don't ask, "how high?"

You've got bigger problems than me, when my Saviour cracks the sky!

Every time that I read I've learned to absorb.

His words keep my eyes opened, so they can't catch me off guard.

I prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.

That's a great reason why I'm free from being stressed.

With God at my right hand, I'll take them on individually!

With the armour of God, I'm fighting this battle spiritually!

I don't mix with drama or deal with carnal, my weapon attack them biblically!

For now, I'll wait on the LORD and Lords will, I'll deal with them physically!

Heathens! If you can't fight prayer, then you can't fight me.

You're confederate against my God, then by nature you don't like me.

Have you considered your end? You've lost the battle already!

Read them again for these precepts are mighty and heavy!


Written by Shamgar Israel

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