Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Great Red Dragon your medication makes the people high.

Just like a bird your meds make them fly.

Prideful and deceived your destruction send chills down my spine.

Soon you're going to pay for all your crimes, thy kingdom come now it's Jacob's time.

Such a short way up and such a long way down.

Your sins are so heavy you can't weigh it by the pound.

In the pages of the scriptures that's my play ground.

Can't believe we celebrated your pagan holidays year round.

Asleep you where the prettiest of girls I couldn't complain.

Awaken I see my people lost and I feel their pain.

Aloft in your pride you've done people more damage than that bitch cocaine.

Your wickedness covers the earth like the showers of rain.

Plus your wicked DNA is of that murderer Cain.

Your sorceries (religion, philosophy and politics) are so potent it's insane.

Touch not the unclean thing, you're gummy and sticky like a plaster stain.

Your whole body is going to be given to nuclear flame.

To love you is so risky 2/3rds will get the same.

No root, no branch only stubble remain.

Like a chariot the saints fly over your destruction than the highest plane.

I have to stay lawful, I don't want to be slain.

Salvation approaches and you can't get the same.

You're going to be destroyed that's what The Lord proclaim.

Your skirt has been lifted up, uncover the thigh.

Your sins have been discovered they have reached the sky.

You've destroyed men, women, children and nations. You shall no more be called tender and delicate.

The Theory of Evolution wasn't that your predicate?

Esau is the Arab! Now that's pathetic!

Esau is the so-called white man and not Japhetic!

However, the world looks to you as a beacon of light for, politics and economics. (How foolish)

There's a judgement for enslaving the children of Israel which are Native Indians, Blacks and Hispanics.

You've legalized sodomy!

The coronavirus is unleashed to destroy your economy.

Illegal to sell weed you've locked up Jake for many years.

Nowadays anyone can go on the Stock Market and buy shares.

Every iniquity, across the seven seas, for your thievery, you're an enemy and your remedy in your prescribed recipe is for destruction!

To hear this ask me how I feel? Splendid indeed!

All things done decently and in order at the Most High's speed.