Wisdom is personified as a woman who has much to offer. In that she is conversant with God Almighty; whereas, she magnifies her brilliance. For whatsoever things to be desired in this life whether it be health, prudence, temperence, justice, strength, order, discipline or discernment. In all these, wisdom worketh in all and we can have nothing more profitable in our life. Howbeit, she knows the past and foretells what is to come. Therefore, I took her home with me, for she provides comfort in cares, grief and a counsellor of good things. As it is written, For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. (1Cor 3:19)


Oh Israel my wisdom is a principal thing.

For lo, a wise man heareth and will increase learning.

Her teachings are the way of wisdom; and have lead thee on righteous paths.

Go unto her, as your forefathers and ask for the old paths.

You know, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Patriarchal crew.

The people whom I have scattered as the rain of dew.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made when I first created you.

But shapen in iniquity did your mother conceived you.

Take of thy bread, eat and drink of thy brew.

My flavor had you like no one else as the other earthly crew.

Who!? Those Gentile nations ruling over you!

I translated the Kingdom because you did not want to stay true.

The times of the Gentiles will be soon due.

I'm your first love since the beginning; of your Semetic debut.

Israel don't say that you love me if it's not the truth.

You've left me for generations when I was the wife of thy youth.

This thing that I have for you,

Know ye not it's only for a chosen few?

I'm not manifest unto many for fools and sinners cannot attain this honey.

Seek, search and don't let go when you’ve bought her without money.

But thou hath rejected me; therefore, I've rejected you.

Remember I am your creator, neither did you choose me but I chose you.

I tossed you violently like a ball across the oceans because you acted a fool.

For you’ve loathed my magnificent law that I gave as a spiritual tool.

Have you learnt your lesson? I'm The One whom you should pursue.

Trust ye in me, for I'm faithful and true.

For I have said, I'm a "jealous God," that you never really did understand.

Therefore, In thy sight the foolish shall not stand.

How dare you tried to serve me with unclean hands.

I hated your corrupt sacrifices and I've broken your wicked bands.

You took me for granted not knowing how much I'm worth.

Didn't I form thee from the dust of the earth and proclaimed in Egypt a great dearth?

I'm the Rock that showed you signs and wonders for which you were ungrateful.

I was the destroyer of your forefathers in the wilderness for they were unthankful.

Tell me! Who is likened unto me in all the earth?

Comeback, return unto me and I'll restore thy mirth.

Zion, let's kick it like Kung-Fu Panda.

I promise to keep you safer than Hotel Rwanda.

I govern everything not like Don Cheadle.

It is easier for a camel than a rich man to go through the eye of a needle.

If you really want me, be in pain!

No longer shall thou take the Lord your God name in vain.

Oh Israel, step your game up!

It's high time for you to wake up!

My Comforter you have used for warmth and have slept carelessly.

Awake, awake; seek to her early and be filled joyously.

I have sent unto you my friend Grace.

She has been used and abused it's a disgrace.

Soon, in the wrath of mine anger I shall burn this place!

Take heed of me Oh Zion and seek my face.

Beware of the fowler, for he setteth traps and gins.

Disicipline thyself Oh Zion, lest ye die in your sins.

Be steadfast when tried by her laws; for she has another thing brewing.

If he go wrong, you'll be forsaken and given over to your ruin.

Upon the children of disobedience I'll have no pity.

Set your hope in thy salvation, to lift you higher than the buildings in the city.

Walk ye circumspectly, and not foolishly but as wise.

Apply thy first works, the will of the Lord thou shall not despise.

Know ye not that the hand of the diligent maketh rich in knowledge.

For her devine secrets and wisdom cannot be attained in "Bible College".

The earth was created for thy sake. Thou shouldest bear rule.

To reject her knowledge are the traits of a fool.

Drink thine own waters from thine own cistern and well.

Polluted and strange waters of sinners will lead you to the pit of hell.

Remember thine enemies wickedness will always rust.

Take good heed, watch and go not after thy lust.

She lays idle in hotels and homes her only company is dust.

Oh Zion, she has all the answers getting to know her is a must.

Oh Israel, pick me up and toss me to and fro.

In the spirit, I'll show you were to go.

I'm your shield from the ungodly speeches of the tongue.

He raises up the poor, and lifts up the beggar from the dung.

Thy people discern not the signs of the times, for they just want to have fun.

Oh Zion, keep judgment until death or until the return of my Son.

My breasts are full, never empty with an abundance of milk.

Why entangle thyself with a strange woman with spoiled milk?

Take me, take my body, learn of me and I'll give thee rest.

Neglect me not, lay with me and be ravished with my breast.

Every second invested with her builds up more interest.

She's not like the other girls they are no contest.

Everytime I look at her it's a comely invitation.

Every chance I get I'm looking forward to a true conversation.

One on one, the best way to communicate.

I'm always eager to see her no matter if it's early or late.

From sunset until the sun is risen.

She opens my mind and gave me more reasons to listen.

I'm captivated by her words like a sentence to prison.

Every precept is so devine no details are missing.

Her untapped wisdom blows my mind I spend hours reminiscing.

Anytime I have a problem she always know what's the right subject.

Our conversations last for hours, time is no object.

Her secrets and dark sayings are revealed to the prophets.

My banner of truth has been mishandled by ungodly men for profits.

I'm abused by Theologians, Christians and Apologetics on Sundays! My day is the Sabbath.

Afterall, It's not that complicated as math!

Sorrow and destruction shall be their aftermath.

Haven't I commanded thee to give me thine heart for we are a perfect fit.

Go not after a whore or a strange woman which will lead you into a pit.

Bear her fetters and her chains, for unto thee shall she be a robe of glory.

Endure with her to receive the promises at the end of this prophetic story.

Separate thyself unto me Oh Zion for I am wisdom.

Exalt her, love her, be steadfast and thou shall inherit the kingdom.


Written by Shamgar Israel

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