Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Wisdom is personified as a woman who has much to offer. In that she is conversant with God Almighty; whereas, she magnifies her brilliance. For whatsoever things to be desired in this life whether it be health, prudence, temperence, justice, strength, order, discipline or discernment. In all these, wisdom worketh in all and we can have nothing more profitable in our life. Howbeit, she knows the past and foretells what is to come. Therefore, I took her home with me, for she provides comfort in cares, grief and a counsellor of good things. As it is written, For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. (1Cor 3:19)


Oh Israel my wisdom is a principal thing.

For lo, a wise man heareth and will increase learning.

Her teachings are the way of wisdom; and have lead thee on righteous paths.

Go unto her, as your forefathers and ask for the old paths.

You know, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Patriarchal crew.

The people whom I have scattered as the rain of dew.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made when I first created you.

But shapen in iniquity did your mother conceived you.

Take of thy bread, eat and drink of thy brew.

My flavor had you like no one else as the other earthly crew.

Who!? Those Gentile nations ruling over you!

I translated the Kingdom because you did not want to stay true.

The times of the Gentiles will be soon due.

I'm your first love since the beginning; of your Semetic debut.

Israel don't say that you love me if it's not the truth.

You've left me for generations when I was the wife of thy youth.

This thing that I have for you,

Know ye not it's only for a chosen few?

I'm not manifest unto many for fools and sinners cannot attain this honey.

Seek, search and don't let go when you’ve bought her without money.

But thou hath rejected me; therefore, I've rejected you.

Remember I am your creator, neither did you choose me but I chose you.

I tossed you violently like a ball across the oceans because you acted a fool.

For you’ve loathed my magnificent law that I gave as a spiritual tool.

Have you learnt your lesson? I'm The One whom you should pursue.

Trust ye in me, for I'm faithful and true.

For I have said, I'm a "jealous God," that you never really did understand.

Therefore, In thy sight the foolish shall not stand.