Scorched Earth

Updated: Feb 24

A scorched-earth policy is a military strategy that aims to destroy anything that might be useful to the enemy. Any assets that could be used by the enemy may be targeted, which usually includes obvious weapons, transport vehicles, communication sites, and industrial resources. However, anything useful to the advancing enemy may be targeted, including food stores and agricultural areas, water sources, and even the local people themselves, though that last has been banned under the 1977 Geneva Conventions. (Banned? Yeah right)

Source: Wikipedia

Generally, for most of us; a catastrophic event such as this has never entered into your minds. Not stopping for a moment and think to yourselves that this may occur one day. How sad! As for me and my house and my prayer for all Israel is that we better get with the Most High's program.

Isaiah 54:16

Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.

The smith here is the scientist or nuclear physicist the LORD created. Giving him (the scientist) the wherewithal or knowledge to bring forth an ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) for his purpose for the destruction of these nations. So to hell with what the Geneva Convention said in 1977 that's just talk. They can talk about nuclear disarmament all they want, GOD prophesied they're going to fire those missiles. Nuclear destruction is in the bible brothers and sisters read Isaiah 34:4, Zechariah 13:8, 2 Peter 3:10 and many more.


The eyes of the Lord is upon this sinful kingdom. With his fiery wrath, WW3 is going to bring nuclear fire to scorch the earth.

A sinfull violator it shall turn back to the dust of the earth.

A day of doom, darkness, desolation and no myrth.

As wisdom crieth in the street, Jake don't want to repent to reverse that curse.

Just want to maintain buying shoes, cars, party and rock the newest purse.

Man who the hell are you? I'm going to school to study to be a nurse.

Who am I? Read the book of Judges Chapter 3, last verse!

Think America is not going to burn?

Take heed to this warning there's alot you need to learn.

Esau's rulership is short like an ankle socks.

This is The Most High's movie no Cinemax.

The Valley of Jehoshaphat: come and pile up like rubbish heap.

A way has been made for you to cross no need to leap.

Come dressed full camouflage with your tanks and jeep.

To the kings of the North, South and East.

Come and gather around you all have a hot date in the socalled Middle East.

So get your war hands and get your war feet.

War is in the air come march to the beat.

On the day of the Lord, armies are going to fall like trees.

You dogs 🐕 are going to be burned along with your fleas.

Heathens! If truth was a track Israel ran the laps.

You're going to get severely punished up to the max.

Esau remember there's no forgiveness for any transgression.

Although you're the god of this world, you're only giving the impression!

How do you get this wisdom? Open the Bible, read and research.

When you start keeping the laws your eyes are going to be opened to things not taught in the Christian Church.

Due to your pride I know you don't fear God.

This is no religious hard talk, in this walk you better have your feet shod.

My paper was clean I didn't know how this poetry should go.

In midnight meditations between the lines my pen started to tippy toe.

Quickly, in one hour America will fall, but God is going to kill you slow.

I advise you not to sit back and go with the flow.

You better get right with the Most High he's the one running the show.

When all hell breaks loose, you can't say "I didn't know".

Surely, Christ will not meet Edom as a man.

In WW3 Christ will crack the sky coming to kill the socalled whiteman.

He's going to subdue all nations taking them down like quicksand.

Meanwhile like a strong tower Israel will stand.

His second advent for Israel brings salvation.

Unfortunately for others its pure damnation.

The prophets are here go home if you can't learn.

Like high cholesterol we give heathens heartburn.

Feet shod with the gospel of peace so you know I stand firm.

I can't be confounded with folly Sirach 24:22 already confirm.

Bible in my hand on myself I started to work.

While Eve on TikTok showing the world how to twerk.

I got to put in my bricks like a password.

Endure to the end thats how you'll get the kingdom hard earned.

I chase wisdom down like the finish line.

Daily prophesies are coming through this is not quitting time.

Tensions rising in the earth ICBMs are about to fly.

Keep playing around 2/3rds of you are going to fry!

Esau is the end of the world now its Jacob's time.

Prophetic poetry the hospital checks me out because I've got the sickest rhyme.

The end is near and you've got a ticket to the show so get a seat.

The real Jews are black everyone else is counterfeit.

I have not been around since I've dropped Medication its a part of my mystique.

I've been busy so to speak, I've been studying on a streak.

I've been feeling like a Wednesday surrounded by the week.

The work will continue for the justice that we seek.

So don't follow your wicked Pastor when they gather every Sunday to meet.

And if you have bought into the lies then don't lose your receipt.

These Pastors are born to self-destruct and if they don't repent you're going to see.

It's all part of God's plan that already had a decree.

Their church members are filled with demons lead by a satanic freak.

Pastoral pagans casting spells making them dance like a Greek.


Their minds are on spin cycle getting brainwashed every week.

They don't understand the scriptures so I turn the other cheek.

White Jesus on their minds that's the image that they seek.

Little do they know that the earth is for the meek.

They're millions of socalled UFOs the Bible calls them chariots.

That's going to be our escape except for all you Judas Escariots.

Oh Judah and Israel why would you choose to die?

The chariots of Israel are coming to pick us up like WiFi.

I read my Bible everyday building my faith upon the Rock.

You're not keeping his laws the prophesies you can't unlock.

The world is upside down and God's laws is going to put Israel back on the top.

How can I disagree when I've been reaping from the crop.

You don't want to be destroyed you better rehearse the righteous acts.

Thermonuclear fire is coming to scorch the earth and that's a fact.

A new kingdom is on the way.

To the east you better pray.

Don't get cut off in that evil day.

Christ is coming back to slay.

His chosen seed went into slavery for breaking his covenant for that we had to pay.

These heathen nations didn't consider their end that they're not going to get away.

Oh what a day that will be.

That's something I'd love to see.

Putting shackles on their necks with the matching pairs for their feet.

You're going to pay double for your lies, murders and deceit.

The hammer of the whole earth will be no more her kingdom will cease.

You'll be defeated with ease because you're no match for The Prince of Peace.

I thought you were wiser than Daniel Edom?

Prideful, fool, instead you should've been called E-dumb!

Written by Shamgar Israel


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